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Relax in a Private Studio

Relax and enjoy your transformation in Ashley's private studio in Scottsdale. Whether you want to chat quietly, listen to music, or just sit back and let Ashley take care of you is entirely your choice. There won't be any phones ringing, noisy equipment, or other people staring at you. It will be just Ashley, the old you, and the new you.

If there's anything Ashley can do to make your experience more enjoyable, just ask. It's all about you - not just how great you look, but how wonderful you feel before, during and after.

Ashley Thank You so much for doing such a great job on my hair! I am so happy :) I have worn many different types of extensions over the years and because I have seen it ALL across the board I can say 100% from the quality of hair, your specific method, the cost and your integrity standing behind what you say I would say to everyone there is ONLY one place to go and truly KNOW you will be more then satisfied with Ashley. Friendly, fast, efficient and affordable!!! My hair blends perfectly, it does not look like many peoples cheap extensions. Anyone that has any questions from a clients perspective just ask me :)